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Unveiling the Artistry of Contemporary Couture

Dipti Amisha Owner
Our Story

Dipti Jhaveri and Amisha Jhaveri –  we embarked on a journey, driven by a shared vision that ignited our passion. Our focus? To design pieces that seamlessly resonate with the women of today, infusing their unique essence into every single facet, from thread to gemstone. With our expertise in crafting the finest clothing and jewelry, we’ve transformed our dreams into reality. From our modest beginnings, our label has flourished into a brand that narrates the vibrant tale of modern Indian fashion.

Amisha’s journey started with a deep love for traditional textiles. With her artisanal skill, she has been adorning the women of Surat and Baroda with her exquisite designs for more than ten years. Her creative reach extended to Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries.

In the last two years, her artistic journey has grown even further, now encompassing the dynamic landscapes of Mumbai, and her designs are cherished by people from near and far, both locally and overseas.

Our Approach to Design

We fuse innovation and art to craft a world where tradition and modernity coexist effortlessly. When you wear a Dipti Amisha classic, you represent lasting traditions, threads weaved from Kashmiri designs, the opulence of Banarasi textiles, the elegance of Mughal heritage, and more. 

We Craft Perfection

Our clothing epitomizes refined elegance, boasting impeccable tailoring and intricate handcrafting. Here, traditional Indian styles seamlessly blend with contemporary designs, offering a diverse range, including dresses, tunics, designer kurta sets, lehengas, and order men’s wear. We excel in tailoring the perfect fit for every woman and crafting designs that capture modern aesthetics. 

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